jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

The 8th Mad Open Mic to conclude our fourth year.

The 8th Mad Open Mic to conclude our fourth year. Set for Wednesday, October 19, 2011.

Cafe Concierto La Fídula, Calle Huertas 57, Madrid, Spain

Registration is now open.

The Mad Open Mic Series: Captured Words presents writers readingspeaking their work in English and is meant to be an open forum for writers to exchange their energies and texts with each other and with a larger public, to build a network and to spark our creative energies. This is a yearly and often twice yearly forum held in Madrid, Spain since 2008 for reading/speaking/performing one´s creative words in English. Come to present your own work or just to listen in. Open to the public. No entry fee. You pay (only) for what you consume. Guidelines for Performers: - Your presentation must be your own creative words; spoken or readspoken. It can be a story, poem, lyrics (but no music), creative essay... - We will readspeak in cycles of 3 minutes each. Please clock your readings ahead of time.

- Presentations will be in English.

- Sign up by emailing: margiekanter@gmail.com by October 1, 2011. - Put Open Mic in the Subject or Asunto of the email. - Include a short sample of your work or give me an idea of what you are planning to readspeak to help in the planning. - Late registrants will be included when possible. - For updates check: www.elasunto.com/mkd.htm and click on the open mic icon.

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